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From Fakebook, to YouTjoep to Twitclub – the Rise of the Morons

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Corona Aware Scam

Under the pretense of “doing good” to make people aware of the COVID pandemic (those who do not have access to facebook, internet, TV, or radio), a new money making…

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Top 10 Conspiracy theories promoted via Facebook

As the COVID-19 crisis worsens, the world also faces a global misinformation pandemic. Conspiracy theories that behave like viruses themselves are spreading just as rapidly online as SARS-CoV-2 does offline….

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False claim: 3G, 4G and 5G caused SARS, swine flu and the new coronavirus

From Reuters Fact Check Posts on social media claim that 3G was introduced in 2003, the same year as the SARS outbreak, 4G was introduced in 2009, the same year…

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The Flat Earthers in Christ

If there is one certain way to make money, it is to use the name of Christ to drive your campaign. This particular group on facebook has more than 3…

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From Bill Gates’ plot to microchip the world, to Dr. Fauci blocking natural cures: How anti-vaxxers are already peddling bizarre theories about COVID-19 vaccine BEFORE it even exists

Anti-vaxxers have already started to peddle misinformation about coronavirus vaccines before one even exists,┬ápotentially eroding confidence in what could be humanity’s best chance to defeat the virus. In recent weeks,…

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