Hendrik J. Engelbrecht is feeling angry.

This lady was refused entry to Mr. PRICE store at the Springs Mall for not wearing a mask. The manager and her staff refused point blank stating that she is endangering their lives?? Only after intervention from us, was she allowed to enter. Mr. Price, please educate your staff!!! Please share!!!! Let’s make Mr. Price famous!!!!!!

This person posted a photo of a Muslim woman and added the narrative above to the image. A quick search on real media pages yielded no results, but a manager at Mr Price did confirm to FYI that the incident took place.

The post was here.

According to the poster, it happened in his presence and they intervened.

He said in a facebook comment that “this has happened and my wife and i were the ones that were arguing with the manager or shall I say educating Mr. Price’s staff.”

FYI followed up an the Store in question confirmed the incident, putting a huge question mark on the Government’s Return to Work directives which makes no mention of educating staff COVID Co-ordinators.

FYI has forwarded a link to Eye Witness News, but to date nothing more has come of it.