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From Fakebook, to YouTjoep to Twitclub – the Rise of the Morons

Tag: Agenda 21 Conspiracy

Fiction is the new virus – causing brain malfunctions.

‎Ashley Marais‎ to Keep Bill Gates and his vaccines out of South Africa Wow! Normality seems to be a reality sooner than thought… LAST HOUR🔺 INTERNATIONAL 🔴 ITALY 🇮🇹 * IN ITALY THE CURE FOR…

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Facebook Posts from all over

No! Its a PLANDEMIC and people are waking up to the real Agenda 21 Depopulation program. Isolation and oxygen deprivation and anxiety about finances are crippling a naive compliant world….

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A post by Peter Temmers of Struisbaai in the Faceboook Group owned by “Sandbaai Hermanus” caused quite a stir among the “Christians”. The post has since been deleted but referred…

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