Facebook You Idiot!

From Fakebook, to YouTjoep to Twitclub – the Rise of the Morons

Midnight �����
Launching launch Launching ��

*Timing is very important in network marketing..*

*XOXO NETWORK* is launching Wednesday 20th �����
If u missed MILLION MONEY ,FORSAGE …then don’t miss this����

No balancing of legs�

No passed up bonuses�

No points are required �

Earn 50% from all your direct referrals in pool �

Earn 50% in global refferrals from pool 2- pool 7 �

Everyone wins��
� *Launch is 20th Wednesday* �

The Rise of the Moron is a never-ending story.

We will keep you updated as this new pyramid scheme evolves.

The YouTube video as the only official result of its existence give the following information in the description.

XOXO NETWORK – Is the ultimate decentralized P2P global powerline autopool networking System, built on an Ethereum Blockchain Technology (Smart Contracts). The system is simple, secure and lucrative. – No more Company – No Admin – 100% Decentralized – 100% Transparent – Un-erasable – Un-cheatable – Everyone WINS! XOXO NETWORK is built for the people and by the people. This involves, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Faith, Family, Teamwork and Fun! Entry is 0.1 ETH – Unlimited Ethereum Earnings – Unlimited referral commissions SUPPORTED WALLETS – Trust Wallet App. (for Android Phones) – MetaMask Wallet (for PCs and Laptops) BUSINESS PDF : # Come join us by clicking on the link below for launch date, community team build, updates and supports.

It appears to run on Telegram, which is an instant messaging platform similar to Whatsapp.

The YouTube video has been uploaded by Crypto Team Connectz.

Doing a search on the mobile number advertised on facebook we found the following results:

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